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Tree Removal Services in Auburndale, FL

Trees, while nice to look at and great for the environment, need a lot of care. When trees are dangerously overgrown, threatening lives and property, call on the professionals at Treetime Inc. in the Lakeland and Auburndale Florida, areas for experienced tree trimming and tree removal services.

Signs of Possible Tree Hazards:

  • Large Dead Branches in Tree
  • Detached Branches Hanging in Tree
  • Cavities or Rotten Wood along Trunk or Major Branches
  • Cracks or Splits in Trunk
  • Leaves Prematurely Develop Unusual Color or Size
  • Previously Topped or Heavily Pruned
  • Trunk with Strong Lean
  • Roots Broken, Injured or Damaged from Lowering the Soil Level, Installing Pavement, Repairing Sidewalks or Digging Trenches
  • Trees in Adjacent Wooded Areas Removed

To Reduce the Hazard Potential of a Tree:

  • Remove Cars and Landscape Features That Might Be Hit by a Falling Tree
  • Properly Prune or Remove the Defective Branches of the Tree
  • Provide Physical Support for Weak Branches & Stems with Cabling and Bracing to Increase Their Strength and Stability
  • Recommend Best Cultural Care for a Tree, including Mulching, Properly Watering, Pruning and Fertilization
Tree Removal — tree removal service Auburndale, FL in Lakeland, FL
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